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An Inconvenient Truth 2 aka A Convenient Truth and Jack’s Journey

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Between summer 2006 and early 2012 I worked on a film project called ‘A Convenient Truth’, which was released as ‘An Inconvenient Truth 2’ on a few TV, cinema and internet platforms. The project resulted in two separate feature-length documentaries, both of which are available on youtube:

An Inconvenient Truth 2 aka A Convenient Truth was the most successful release. It premiered at the York Picturehouse cinema in a public commercial screening, as well as at the Bacon Theatre in Cheltenham with an introduction talk by Jonathon Porritt CBE. Gaiam TV released to the US and Canada online and various transition/green party groups in the UK put on screenings. It also went on the Community Channel in the UK and a community channel in Australia.

The film was made on a small budget by a team of un-paid collaborators. Initially finished by 2007 it’s release was delayed until 2012, at which time some minor improvements and edits were made to it. The film’s release was featured in Timeout magazine which reviewed the film and gave is 3 out of five stars.

An Inconvenient Truth 2 aka Jack’s Journey was meant to be a more commercial version of the same film. A professional producer/director combo were employed to make a film that could be viable as a theatrical release. Unfortunately for all this arrangement turned sour and both parties ended up in the High Court in litigation. Eventually this was settled and the film was released, but it failed to find an audience other than the Community Channel in the UK. The massive budget spent on the film and professional input failed to result in much success for the film, and delayed the eventual release of the first, more successful version.

Both films feature Sweden’s unique contributions to renewable energy and green living. The Swedes featured all personally supported the production and inspired the film-making team.

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